Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Invited Seminar: From Data to Decisions (Ullas Nambiar, IBM IRL; 10/27 11AM; BY 420)

From Data to Decisions 

                                                     Dr. Ullas Nambiar, IBM India Research Labs

 11AM. Thu, October 27, 2011.  BY 420  


  Creating a single view of entities of interest  is increasingly becoming a requirement  for effective insight generation about   product/service quality and customer expectations. The explosive growth of data  both within an enterprise and outside (Web & Social Media) has made the task of creating a unified view challenging and interesting.  In this talk,  I will  show how Big Data impacts Single View Creation,  present use cases that show that the problem is not just that of business but even present in areas of common interest like better traffic management, public safety etc.  I will then give a deep dive on a solution that augments enterprise data by extracting relevant information from Web sources. 

Dr. Ullas Nambiar is a researcher in the Information Management &  Analytics group at IBM Research India.  He received a PhD in Computer Science from 2005  from ASU.  His research focusses on data integration, analytics and retrieval  over distributed heterogeneous sources. He is a Senior Member of ACM.  More details are available at  

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