Monday, October 17, 2011

*Please* do not spend time on the hidden slides..

I just had a couple of students who were confused because they tried to make sense of hidden slides in the ppt lecture notes.

As I mentioned multiple times, you should focus only on the non-hidden slides. Like junk DNA, the hidden slides may not always have
direct connection to what we discussed this time in the class (and in some cases may even be erroneous). 

If you are viewing slides on the computer, use the slideshow mode--which automatically skips over hidden slides. If you are printing, remember to
click-off the "hidden slides" radio button. 


ps: on a different topic--you might want to note that the page-rank vector doesn't have to be normalized if you start with [1/n ... 1/n]' as the initial vector.
Multiplying a probability distribution with M*--a stochastic matrix--will give rise to another probability distribution (i..e, the entries will all be positive and will
add up to 1)

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