Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Heads up on the last question of the exam..

I have the exam pretty much set--I will release it tomorrow morning.

For 598 students who are night owls, here is the last question on the exam (which is only required for 598 students; and is extra-credit for 494 ones).
You can get a head start if you want.



 [IX] [15pt] [Required for 598 students. Optional-extra-credit for 494 ones]

For the purposes of this question, assume that you are planning to pick a topic for your next research paper (presumably because you want to make progress towards your dissertation/thesis). Here is the link to the proceedings of WWW 2011


Suppose you are trying to work on extending one of these papers. Select a paper. Read at least the abstract and introduction. Now, use only the space given to answer:


·       In your words write down what the paper is trying to do and how it is related to what we discussed in the course. 





















·      What follow-on work would you be interested in doing on the paper and why?










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