Thursday, December 15, 2011

(hopefully) final cumulatives


 Here are the final cumulatives for the class.  They contain your final exam marks; project 3 and demo marks and a participation grade. Let us know if you find any errors anywhere
[Note that the final was graded out of 115 for grads and 100 for UG--with the answers to the paper reviews kept as extra credit portion]

I computed the regular cumulative with 5% for participation, 25% for homeworks, 30% for exams and 40% for project. I will try some other weighted averages and take the maximum among those.

I have not computed the extra credit part---given that the grading is relative, adding extra credit to the total at the outset makes extra credit "mandatory". My idea is to set the thresholds first based on regular marks and
then consider bumping your grade based on your extra credit points. 

I normally ask the students at the top of the ladder in the 494 and 598 sections to suggest grade cutoffs for their respective sections. I offer the same chance to the current two top candidates. 
(of course, this is only advisory--but does give me useful input in that the students know the comparative level of difficulty of the class).


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