Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Responses to a few common concerns from Class survey

Here are some responses to a few common concerns from the class survey:

1. videos: I understand that videos can be compressed and even be
streamed. However, since I am doing the videos on my time, the only
way I can afford the time is if they cost me very little time-wise. 
As of now, when I go back from the class, I just plug in the flip
recorder, rename the files, and copy them over to the homepage (which
takes some 15min). Anything more involved is likely to just not get
done.  The college does do professional videotaping--but that is
limited only to online classes. Although online classes are more
remunerative, I prefer to do classes in a classroom setting. All of
this is a long-winded way of saying "don't look the gift horse in the
mouth" ;-)

Also on videos, the best way to view them would be to download them
onto your laptop while you are at school (or on some highspeed
network) and watch them later (vlcviewer is a very good platform
independent viewer)

2. accent/talking speed etc: I am sympathetic to these issues, but I
don't see much point in me telling you that I can change this
drastically. At some point, it becomes hard to teach new tricks to old
dogs ;-). You will have to make-up using the audio/video (or, since
you are still young dogs, teach yourself the trick of following fast
speakers ;-)

3. Tweetnotes: The intent of tweetnotes is not so much that they are
curated summaries of the classes, but that they are uncurated
impressions of each class. They are most useful for me in terms of
figuring out what points got through to students. 


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