Thursday, August 25, 2011

Re: Experimental collective "tweet notes" for the class..

Here is another ground rule
 Sign your note (you can use a short name).

This is because the blog won't keep the email header information. 


On Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 8:10 PM, Subbarao Kambhampati <> wrote:

 Given the twists and turns the lectures, where we wind up discussing much more than what is explicitly on the slides, 
 I often wonder what points "stick" and which get blurry or washed out. 

I was thinking that it would be cool for people to be able to "tweet" short points they grasped so that the collection of
tweets can be viewed as a representation of what got through. 

For various technical reasons (including the fact that twitter doesn't quite allow us to have persistent searchable topics for a semester long
period), we can't quite use twitter service. 

So, I set up an alternative service. If you send a short mail to the address "494tweetnotes" at gmail, then whatever you send will be archived on the blog I set up expressly for this purpose: 
 (this is different from the class blog--it is mostly meant to be read only. )  

Here are the ground rules:

Subject line should be the date of the class (e.g 8/25/2011) and the body should be a short point (in the spirit of 
short notes, I suggest that you keep each mail for just one point. You can send multiple mails). 

The best time to send these is close to the class time, when what you heard is still fresh. 

You will see a seed tweetnote I posted.

Note that this will not be curated--i.e. if the point you got is wrong, then I am not going to correct it. 

Also, the entries will only be posted on the blog and won't be sent to you by email (if you want you can "subscribe" to 
the feed or some such). 

Let's give it a shot and see if we can make collective notes. 

yours experimentally

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