Friday, August 26, 2011

Retailing services

As professor had talked about Big Idea 2,

"How do you “incentivize” people into letting you steal their brain cycles? Pay them! (Amazon ) Make it fun (ESP game)"

Pay them option looks good, but the issue was checking the integrity of the results produced or output given. So I questioned how about a retailing service kind of system, where you go exactly to the place where you can get answers to your questions and the website takes up your questions and passes them to expertise panel, who would answer the question. In this way user who is also a consumer pays certain amount X, part of it goes to the website who handles the request and part of it goes to expertise panel.

One of the websites I saw recently was "", over here farmers can ask some specific questions pertaining to fertilizers to use, crop cultivation techniques etc. Mainly focuses on Indian farmers (most of them are not computer literate but they own mobile phones, and can call upto any number), as they are less equipped (sometimes financially and sometimes knowledge pertaining to farming) then international counterparts.

I was astonished to find that farmers at my native place didn't had idea about Jetropha, used for making bio-diesel. Now, if you read more about Jetropha you would come to know its "raining money" plant. So, a system which gives very specialized answers to queries of very specific community is a nice idea. And yes all the answers to all the questions are not present over internet (by my own experience), but surely present with people or community involved.

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